About Me

Hey Peoples!

I’m Renee A. Moses, and I’m pretty sure you know nothing about me lol. That’s expected. I’m a newbie. You will get to know me and my work soon. Only if you want. Not trying to sound like you will know me or else.

First, let’s do the personal stuff. I am a mother of three and have been married for ten years. I’m originally from Houston, but months before my 30th birthday, we moved to Minnesota in a little city south of St. Paul. It’s different, but we enjoy the weather that matches the seasons. These six-month winters are crazy, though.

I am new to publishing, but not to writing. I wrote my first short story over ten years ago. I was experimenting with erotica at the time to see if I had what it took to write it. Being the “quiet, good girl” for so long convinced me that I couldn’t write such a thing. Those who used to read those stories challenged my assumption.

My mom is the reason I never stopped writing. She called me a writer way before I wrote a single line of fiction. Moms always know, don’t they?

Now, I write fiction with mainly African-American characters and most likely women protagonists. I used to call it romance until I read that romance had to have happy endings. That isn’t always the case in life, and it won’t be the case in everything I write.

My characters are like all of us: far from perfect. You may see yourself or someone you know on the pages. They will go through life and all the hardships that come with it, especially with relationships.

I write what I feel are real-life situations with real-life people. A fairytale in a fantasy land (or even a known location) is not my thing; so, you won’t get that from me. But a woman fighting for love or fleeing from the wrong side of it and occasionally getting it on is what I will provide. I hope you enjoy all of it.